The in news at the moment if Windows Threshold, and what sorts of decisions Microsoft takes during development and after launch of this new initiative. The future of the Windows brand, on PCs, tablets and smartphones is to be decided here.

Of course, the biggest piece of the puzzle here is Redmond’s acquisition of Nokia.

And while the company is now looking to expand its presence on the mobile market, the current situation does make for an interesting scenario — Nokia has a commanding 90 percent or something share of Windows Phone market.

Since it will now become part of Microsoft, the main source of profits from Windows Phone licensing pretty much evaporates. And considering the fact that Threshold is supposed to bring the tablet and mobile operating systems together, a change of strategy is now necessary.

As The Verge is reporting, Microsoft is now contemplating making both of them free for mobile manufactures. OEMs that plan on selling Windows RT and Windows Phone devices will have no license costs associated with these two operating system.

If this happens, it obviously means that developing and bringing to market such products in the future would become cheaper. Ultimately, this would bring Microsoft a significant market share, both in the tablet and mobile phone markets.

The very definition of win-win, don’t you guys think?

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  1. Hahhh, you see, that i find a bright decision too, let’s hope in great devices next year

  2. This is a great decision. I have been an advocate of them cutting fees across the board, but if they’re going to eliminate fees all together in the mobile sector, that’s even better.

  3. Only because they own 90% WP market and 100% windows RT market. If the market share drops significantly due to other vendors competition, they will start charging money for the OS.

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