Acer is either really ambitious, or really talkative, probably a bit of both. But Windows RT is one platform that the hardware maker has had reservations about for quite some time now.

In fact, the company has been one of the biggest naysayers when it comes to Microsoft’s tablet oriented operating system. No surprises then, that chairman JT Wang has once again criticized Windows RT. He was speaking to The Wall Street Journal.

In an interview he expressed his view that Windows RT is no longer an influential operating system. In plain words, this is a clear hint that the company may abandon plans to release tablets running this particular OS in the near future:

“We would like to be realistic. We have not decided if we want to launch that, to start mass production.”

Acer obviously was one of the first companies that criticized Microsoft for its involvement in the hardware industry saying that Redmond should focus on the software side of things and avoid becoming a rival for its partners.

Nevertheless, it seems that Acer still believes in Windows 8 as a whole, as the hardware vendor recently unveiled the Iconia W3, its affordable Windows 8 tablet. The only difference is that this new device houses an Intel Atom Z2760 Clover Trail CPU, instead of an ARM solution.

Maybe this is a sign of the future? Maybe it is! Share your views on this in the comments, and whether you still believe Windows RT has enough going for it to mount a comeback.

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