Windows Server 2012 editions outlined

Microsoft have outlined the new versions of Windows Server 2012.

There will be 4:

The four SKUs are

  • Foundation (available to OEMs only)
  • Essentials
  • Standard
  • Datacenter

Microsoft have an  SKU/licensing chart for the four editions of Windows Server 2012:

The number of SKU’s has been greatly reduced from around 12 to 4 in an effort to simplify things.

Here’s a Microsoft FAQ about the new SKU/licensing line-up.


  • William Wood

    Just so i’m clear here… my WHS 2011 that I picked up for $50 is being replaced by a product that is going to cost me $425??! Ya, that’s one update I won’t be making, ever.

  • wood

    Sounds like your cheap and don’t understand value.