Windows Server 2012 hits General Availability! – Download Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 hit General Availability today.

The cloud, as one might expect, is a huge part of it. In fact, Microsoft is calling Windows Server 2012 “the cornerstone of the Cloud OS.”

“Microsoft built Windows Server 2012 from the cloud up, applying its experience operating global datacenters that rely on hundreds of thousands of servers to deliver more than 200 cloud services,” the company said in a news release. “Windows Server 2012 expands the definition of a server operating system, with significant new advancements in virtualization, storage, networking and automation.”]

Not surprisingly given Microsoft’s big cloud push, the emphasis with the upgrade is on improving how well the software scales for internet hosting — the company wants one common backbone that can handle as little as a small e-mail server to large-scale Azure deployments and virtualization.

Microsoft believes that Windows Server 2012 is the biggest and most transformational server release they have ever had. “It’s not just the great advances we’ve made in storage, networking and virtualization. What’s most transformational is the change of identity. In past, we always viewed Windows Server as an operating system for a single server,” Microsoft adds.

Not anymore. Windows Server 2012 will now be viewed as a cloud operating system.

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