Windows Server 2012 R2 To Get iOS And Android Remote Desktop Apps

Windows Server 2012 R2 To Get iOS And Android Remote Desktop Apps

And the big question here, friends and foes, is that where on the good green earth is the Windows Phone version of the remote client? Microsoft, obviously, has a bit of a habit of prioritizing its iOS and Android apps, sometimes ahead of Windows Phone ones.

Take the official Skype clients, for instance.

This usually has got a lot to do with the titanic market share of these two competing mobile platforms. Now Redmond has just announced that it will be providing some extra incentive to users of its latest server operating system in the form of Remote Desktop apps.

These landmark new apps will allow remote connections to Windows Server 2012 R2.

Microsoft made these new apps official in a brief mention in a press release that actually talks about Redmond’s cloud-based enterprise software services.

And while the company has not actually talked about these apps in details, Michael Roth, a Microsoft desktop services side MVP has posted more information about these apps on his blog today, saying:

“When you see the clients you’ll notice they are pretty sweet and not as basic or as ‘v1’ as you might expect. The iOS Remote Desktop app supports iOS 6 and 7 and the Android Remote Desktop app is posed to support Android versions as far back as Gingerbread.

The OS X Remote Desktop app provides even more functionality that you would expect from a ‘desktop app’. Think about ‘seamless windows’ or ‘applications portal’.”

While this is a welcome strategy from Microsoft and seems that the company is very much open to releasing its software products on a number of different platforms, a Windows Phone app would actually be very much welcome by the loyal and dedicated user base.

Fingers crossed that a Windows Phone Remote Desktop app for Windows Server 2012 R2 is announced very soon.

Speaking of announcements, Redmond has not actually offered a specific release date and pricing for the iOS and Android clients, only confirming that the apps are on track for release later this month.

The company will also release new and updated versions of its Remote Desktop apps for Windows, Windows RT and OS X.

  • Martin Kirk

    Interesting that the Mayor of Redmond Municipal are making RDP Clients for Windows Server… who would have thought !?