Windows 8.1 may have brought along a lot of things, and prime among them is renewed interest in Metro apps. Several new apps have recently hit the Windows Store, upping the app counts to another important milestone.

According to an unofficial count by MetroStore Scanner, several hundred new entries land on the Windows Store every day. And the current total now comfortably sits at over 125,000 unique apps.

An overwhelming majority of these are offered with a freeware license.

And more importantly, Microsoft seems to be taking care of the amount of spam submissions and low quality applications regularly. Such apps are pruned from the repository every week, in order to provide users with a superior experience overall.

The Books & Reference category once again reigns supreme — no less than 21,719 apps are available with this classification. Games come next with 19,480 titles as of this writing. Education, Entertainment and Music & Video round up the top five.

Security apps, on the other hand, have a low count of 336.

Having said that, the most noteworthy point here is that large developers have finally shifted attention to the Windows platform. Apps like Foursquare, Facebook have recently made appearances on the Windows Store, with several popular games also being regularly ported to the platform.

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  1. Good news. Do they have a “report apps” feature or some other similar option that prompts them to look at an app?

    • Not that I am aware of right now, but I have seen hundreds of apps removed in the past few months. Microsoft seems to be working overtime to curate the Windows Store!

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