Run for the hills! It’s a real live attack of the clones!

Most technology enthusiasts are aware that Microsoft is betting an awful lot on its ecosystem of Windows 8 and tablet devices. A vital part of the puzzle is the Windows Store, Microsoft’s repository of apps for dedicated Windows 8 and Windows RT applications.

The Windows Store has shown growth at a slower rate than what the company expected. It is a few leagues (or should I say way) behind other direct rival stores like Apple App Store and Google Play.

In fact, it wouldn’t be unfair to suggest that Microsoft is desperate for the total count of applications to climb big enough so it can market these numbers. But just how desperate, you ask?

Desperate enough, it seems.

Microsoft previously maintained that the number of apps available in the Windows Store was not relevant, because it’s the quality of the application that is most important in the final analysis.

But the quality of apps in the Windows Store has taken a nosedive for the worse recently after WinAppUpdate found plenty of duplicates are not just submitted but got approved too.

To show an example, an app developer by the name of LunaPlena has submitted no less than 118 apps to the Store, only 3 of which are fundamentally different from the others. Meaning 115 apps are essentially carbon clones of each other, with only subtle design changes like revised colors and text.

This is not the only example available, but it is enough to warrant the fact that Microsoft is not paying attention to quality after all.

The app itself is very basic, like something that was coded over the weekend, but to see more than a hundred duplicates of it flood the Windows Store is even more disappointing.

So, what will it be, Microsoft, quality or quantity?

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  • Darrin Tyler

    Ya been seeing a lot of garbage apps that are useless. None of them work, they either crash or don’t do what they are suppose to do. OR they are nothing I would ever use even as a desktop program. So far the store has been very disappointing. I’ve rarely found anything I can even use in it. And half the stuff costs money when they shouldn’t like the Emulators lol…Emulators that have been “free” as desktop programs for over 14 years