It may be a season of giving, but the Windows Store is in the mode to take. Microsoft’s apps repository now houses more than 140,000 apps, just a day before Christmas.

Statistics provided by the third-party source MetroStore Scanner reveal that the latest scan found no less than 140,245 apps available for download on the Windows Store. Interestingly, the US version of the store also hit the six figure count a few days back.

But the figure that would most please Microsoft is the fact that new app submissions have stayed in the inspiring range of 2,000 new apps a week. If this keeps up, it pretty much guarantees somewhere around 10,000 apps a month.

Which is a pretty neat showing for a platform that has just starting to take flight.

Ultimately, however, it always come down to quality rather than quantity — and the Windows Store has also picked things up on this front. Gone are the wilderness days of the past with low quality apps.

Companies large and small are releasing Modern versions of their official clients, porting their existing apps to the platform, or designing new ones from scratch that make the most of what these new type of applications offer.

Developer interest finally seems to be at the levels it should be.

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  • Ray C

    I was kind of surprised to find Microsoft platforms NOT missing a lot of good apps. When phone and RT merge, the stores merge, and it becomes easier to make apps across all platforms, this ecosystem will be a forced to be reckoned with.