Not too shabby, Microsoft. The software titan has made some tremendous efforts these last couple of years to convince developers to port their applications to the Windows 8 platform.

At the same time, offering them plenty of tools and services to do so.

The result? These efforts are starting to pay off, as the Windows Store continues growing at a steady pace. It was around the middle of May when the apps repository crossed the 160,000 apps milestone, and now we have another landmark figure.

There are now over 170,000 apps available for users of modern versions of Windows, an overwhelming majority of them offered with a freeware license. And almost all of them work on both desktops and touchscreen tablet devices.

The third party apps aggregator, MetroStore Scanner, now lists a total of 170,010 apps, with no less than 135,354 unique applications available for the United States market.

Obviously, one big problem that still remains to be taken care of is the amount of fake applications.

These unauthorized, low quality applications, some of what are pure spam, continue getting approved by Microsoft, and although the company has promised a crackdown on these apps, it is clear that more works needs to be done in this regard.

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  1. As you mentioned, fake applications remain an issue, but 170,000 is a big milestone nonetheless. The other big challenge remaining is catching up to their competitors in terms of app store size. They still have a ways to go as far as that’s concerned.

  2. Still around 1/10th of Apple. Not saying I think it’s better or worse, just stating that having that big of a difference remains a huge deal and issue for Windows going forward.

    • How many apps in the Apple store are useful? With windows there isn’t a need for multiple varieties of office variants since it is included. In the Apple store that eliminates thousands of apps I know that from before putting Office 365 on my iPad. I didn’t put it on the iPhone since it is too small anyway. I have a Lumia 1520 and it is big enough to use although I wouldn’t want to compose much with any phone.

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