Windows Store Gets Around 1.7 Million Downloads Per Day

Windows Store Gets Around 1.7 Million Downloads Per Day

Very occasionally does Microsoft provide statistics on its Windows Store and the applications in its flagship app repository, but the number of downloads recorded every day is steadily increasing.

The newest figures provided by Microsoft to developers confirm that Windows Store crossed the 1.7 million daily download milestone in October. This makes for an increase of 38.56 percent compared to the corresponding figures in June.

Breakdown of the number reveals that users downloaded more than 1.3 million paid apps in October, while the number of freeware apps hit 49.7 million.

Add it all up, and the total comes in at 51 million downloads from the Windows Store in October β€” a notable increase from the 36.9 million download count posted back in June this year.

This is clearly good news from, and it appears that Windows 8.1 is surely playing its part here.

Estimates provided in the report above indicate that Apple gets upwards of 74.5 million downloads from its App Store every day β€” coming in at some 44 times the total volume of the Window Store.

Microsoft, for its part, is currently busy securing several important deals with companies to develop or port their apps for to the Windows platform. The release of Windows 8.1 has seen several such apps landing on the store, like the official Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix apps, along with new Disney games.

  • Ray C

    Good news. Hopefully all the top 10 apps in already categories from Games to Social Network will appear on all Windows Platforms KIK, OoVoo, Badoo, Skout, and all the top games.

  • Robert Trance

    Getting up up and up….as it should! Love good news

    • Fahad Ali

      Who doesn’t. πŸ˜› Hopefully we can have some exponential numbers this time next year. Windows Store is a bold new horizon for the Windows platform!