Surely Microsoft would have preferred a bigger number, but this is still a substantial amount. And one that looks all set to grow as developers get ready to unleash their Windows 8.1 solutions.

But the big news for the day is that, as of right now, more than 120,000 apps are available for download on the Windows Store. These statistics are provided by MetroStore Scanner, a third-party service that keeps track of the items listed for download on the apps repository.

These figures are obviously growing as more developers are embracing Microsoft’s modern platform.

And the company itself continues its efforts to bring as many high-quality apps as it can to its flagship apps store. Not only has Redmond invested into promoting its platform, but at the same time it is trying to attract large companies to port their apps to Windows 8.

As a result, a number of official apps like Twitter and Foursquare have been released, and others like Facebook are on track to be out soon after Windows 8.1 hits general availability.

Who knows, Microsoft may even be saving the official Facebook app for the Windows 8.1 launch event!

In any case this is another very important milestone for the Windows Store.

It has to be remembered that the apps repository is an infant in terms of other competing services out there in the wild. Give it another two or three years, and if things go right, we could potentially be looking at a million unique Metro apps.

But the figure of 120,000 is a nice, round one for Microsoft, and would do real well for the company as it heads into the anticipated Windows 8.1 launch event on October 18.

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  • Ray C

    The way some people talk the total number off apps is going down. The share of all Microsoft products is growing, more slowly in some areas that others, but the way most talk on the internet and in the media, you’d think share is shrinking on all fronts. I honestly think some people are doing it on purpose. They think if they keep talking about how small the Windows Store is and how small their share is, it will actually slow down or keep down the adoption of Microsoft-based products.

    • Arnold

      It is definitely being done on purpose. The masses are being brain washed by these analyst and journalist who are reporting nothing but lies and negativity.