When it comes to Microsoft Surface and the rest of the Windows 8 gang, we repeatedly hear that a major driving reason not to get in on the new Windows action is that there just aren’t enough apps.

This might have been partially true at first, but every day that passes this point becomes even less relevant.

Sure, there might not be a ton of apps, but there are now 20,610 worldwide apps. This might not be the 700,000+ apps found in iOS or Android, but it is still a solid start.

Interested in knowing how many of these are free versus paid? It seems that the Windows Store world has become home to freeware more often than not. There are 17,958 free apps available worldwide. Of course that also means they are from smaller studios in many cases.

While app numbers are coming up, many big name apps have still yet to make their Windows 8 debut, though I suspect that story will change as more time passes by.
Curious about how many of those 20,610 apps are actually found in the United States?

A good chunk actually, at 12,675 apps for the U.S. Market. Three weeks before Windows 8 was launched, the Windows Store had only 3600 apps, so we are seeing some pretty crazy changes here.

Despite continued complaints by some, the truth is that Windows 8 has widely been a hit so far. Sure, not everyone is dropping their iPads, Windows 7 computers and other devices in favor of the new Windows 8 tablets and PCs. That’s not a realistic expectation.

It’s about growing the ecosystem and getting people talking about Microsoft.

The company that we once knew from the 80s and 90s is clearly dead, and I must say I am a big fan of what I’m seeing so far.

What about you, do you think Microsoft’s recent direction is the right one or do you think that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will prove to be big mistakes for the company down the road?

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  • Richard Edge

    Yes, I believe they are going in the right direction. Windows 8 is definitely a risk, but one they had to make. Just like when Apple went from OS 9 to OS X there were those that didn’t like the change and even some that stated that OS X would never be adopted by Apple faithful. We can all see how that worked out.

    There are several things at work here as I read the reactions in various forums.

    There are those who will jump in the deep end and be open to change and moving with the times. They also recognize that while Microsoft needs to take big risks they are not going to release something that will put them out of business. This group of people also recognizes that doing things the old way by offering incremental changes is not what we want either.

    Then there is the group that get too comfortable in sticking with the old ways and are uncomfortable with change. They are also susceptible to negative reviews and press often from people who have not spent more than a few minutes to hours with new products to really be objective. This group will eventually adopt, but with a lot of kicking and screaming along the way.

    Then we come the the platform fanboys who are so filled with “hate” for platforms other than their favourites that there is no hope for them. They cannot see these devices simply as tools to get something done. As such their platform is always the best no matter what the task.

    For me I am more in the first group and feel that the best platform that works for me is the one that allows me to get done what I need. This is why I have a Mac for some things, Windows 8 on a tablet for others and a BlackBerry phone and Playbook tablet for other. That plus the fact that I am a gadget geek and am willing to ry out anything. 🙂