Ah, it’s been a while! It is all fun and games reporting on increasing app counts every few weeks, but things have suitably slowed down to normal levels on the Windows Store.

That means, instead of spam and low quality apps, developers are now creating (or porting) their finest creations to the modern flavor of Windows. Throw in the fact that Redmond regularly weeds out low quality applications from its flagship store, and it all makes sense.

Last we heard on the matter was when the Windows Store passed the 150,000 apps milestone. And that was well over a month ago, back in March. March 21 to be terribly exact.

But now the apps repository has just hit another important landmark.

According to the statistics provided by third-party aggregator, MetroStore Scanner, more than 160,000 apps are now listed for download on the Windows Store.

So basically, 200 apps a day in 50 odd days — growth is still growth.

Microsoft is yet to comment on this new achievement, but the company will undoubtedly be pleased with this significant count. Particularly when considering that its modern operating platforms are really yet to totally take off right now.

Whenever that happens, we can count on some massive gains every month. Surely.

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  1. That is good to hear because my Kids want Windows 8.1 Tablets. Does anyone know the number of Windows Phone Apps as of today?

    • I assume it’s around the same. Aren’t the app stores pretty much capable of supporting the same apps? I assumed so, but maybe not.

      • Last number(in February or March) for the Windows Phone App Store was near or over 300,000. I was wondering if it has grown also

        • Emily Williams / May 13, 2014 at 1:01 pm /Reply

          I was going to say it is probably more for the phone! If it was 300,000 a couple of months ago, then I have to assume it’s grown since then.

  2. The number keeps growing. However Windows apps are still chasing Apple’s 1 million plus apps. I’m sure they’re closing the gap though.

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