The generally prevalent theory of build it and they will come may work in some instances, but in the increasingly world of computing technology, companies usually have to go above and beyond.

Take Microsoft for example — it has done a dandy job with the Windows Store, and keeps on regularly improving the overall experience. Developers are also starting to port their apps and games, as well as developer new ones for the Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 platforms.

But to further promote its ecosystem, Redmond has just kicked off the Red Stripe Deals for the Windows Store, inspired from the Windows Phone Store.

As the company explained in a blog post, the discount campaign will be refreshed with three new premium apps and games that will be available for at least 50 percent off their regular price:

“Typically, this will be one Xbox game, one indie game, and one top-rated app. These Red Stripe Deals will start Thursdays of each week and end the following Wednesday.”

This week three of the more popular apps are available for purchase — Reckless Racing Ultimate can be nabbed for $2.49 (down from $4.99), Einstein Brain Train for $2.99 (down from $5.99) and Joining Hands 2 for $1.49 (down from $3.49).

All three are available for purchase from the Windows Store right now. But overall, this is a great new initiative that should help popularize and highlight the paid apps and games on the apps repository.

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