This is a far cry from the 20,000 number thrown around last week.

It was reported on the WinAppUpdate twitter account that the Windows Store had no less than 20,610 apps available worldwide. But it appears the final number could be much smaller.

And by much smaller I mean 13,783.

Another website that keeps tabs on the number of apps added to the Windows Store, McAkins Online, reported this number, though agreeing that a large percentage of these apps are free.

Why the humongous difference between both counts, you ask?

Here’s the explanation from the author of the blog, Denny McAkins:

“I stated it in the past, that the figure I report are not some esoteric figures from the Store that cannot be verified. What I report is what a typical User will see in the Store when you turn off Localization in the Store. I am aware that WinAppUpdate is reporting 20000+ Apps in the Store, but this is inclusive Apps that typical user will not see because they are in the Store accreditation pipeline”.

Whichever report one puts more weight in this much is clear that while the Microsoft Store is continually growing bigger in size, the pace at which it is growing leaves a lot to be desired.

This ultimately puts the estimates of 100,000 apps by February 2013 quite hard to achieve. Microsoft will need exponential growth to the number of apps submitted to get anywhere near that number by the start of next year.

More importantly, Windows 8 exclusive apps by large, well-known companies are still yet to be found. This limits user choices for people looking for alternate browsers, email clients, media players, and other such software.

There is little doubt that they will be there in the near future, but how long they take to show up could dictate how successful the first generation Surface tablets, and ultimately the Surface brand itself is.

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  • Rex King

    Sorry, but this is just a rehash of the same news just spun in a negative fasion.
    MS clearly stated that the 20,000 was world wide. with the lion share (this 12,000 or so are available in the US with other markets having different amounts.
    This report looks at the US amount and then says this shows the 20,000 published by MS is wrong. A completely invalid negative spin.