And there you have it ladies and gentleman, the photo finish moment. Microsoft internally hoped to reach this milestone by around February this year, but here we are. More than 100,000 Metro apps are now available in the Windows Store.

CEO Steve Ballmer mentioned during the BUILD conference that he expected the apps repository to reach this goal in the coming weeks, but it only took a few days, and the start of July has seen the Windows Store cross this milestone.

For those keeping the count, the Windows Store has reached the 100,000 app figure in mere seven months after launch — Windows Phone Store, on the other hand, required just over 18 months in reaching this milestone.

And speaking competitors, Apple announced the 100,000 milestone in its App Store 14 months after the debut of the service. The corresponding figure for Android was once again, 18 months.

At the end of the day, however, it is the quality that matter, instead of quantity.

And Microsoft knows this full well, as both Steve Ballmer and Windows head Julie Larson-Green both emphasized at BUILD that app count is not a priority for Microsoft, but publishing more and more quality apps is.

The technology titan has intensified its efforts to convince large developers to develop for the platform, while also encouraging them to port their software thereby providing users with Metro alternatives for traditional desktop programs.

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