If there is one thing that Microsoft hoped would skyrocket in the year 2013 is the number of apps that are submitted to its flagship Windows Store. Reality it turning out to be somewhat different, it seems.

Things have now slowed down from the feverish days of the app repository’s launch, and while the number of apps submitted keeps on growing, it is increasing at a very slow pace.

The latest from MetroStore Scanner, the unofficial source keeping a tab on things, shows well over 42,000 unique apps available for download on the Windows Store in various markets around the world.

But a deeper look at the daily figures of new app submissions reveals a significant drop compared to late last year, and now averages around 200 new apps that make their debut on the Windows Store every day. This, mind you, is almost a third of what was witnessed towards the end of 2012.

Still, this is talking about averages — the statistics throughout the week fluctuate. Case in point last Saturday that saw 359 new apps approved for the Windows Store.

The lowest apparently (pun always intended) was Wednesday, February 13, with a paltry 79 new apps showing up for download. Not a figure Microsoft would like to see regularly, I reckon.

Still, with February 1 gone, the estimate of seeing 100,000 apps that Redmond hoped is gone with it. Half this amount would have been a pretty decent showing too, but as things stand, it will be another few weeks before we hit this landmark.

Maybe it will come with an official announcement from Microsoft — one can always hope!

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  • The number of apps doesn’t matter, it’s the quality. Last I was looking for one, and the amount of shovelware that doesn’t even do all you need to have is amazing. When will people understand that you need to take time and care to make a program and make it truly good instead of throwing it together and hoping to get a lot of money of it. If it’s good and fairly priced, it will sell eventually. Also with too many apps, the chances are higher that no one will find your app……

    • Fahad Ali

      Agreed, and I have brought this up many times in past news. I’ll take 4,200 of the highest quality apps than 42,000 varied quality ones any given Sunday.

  • http://tranceworldnow.wordpress.com/ Robert Trance

    If daily submission moves mostly between 200 and 400 and up, i would not worry much, and it is on 42000 which isn’t very bad either. I could find plenty of apps to use and still seeing sometimes. My installed/favourites:

    – News 360
    – TuneIN
    – Skype
    – IM+
    – Windows 8 Xbox game titles (Gunstringer, Wordament, Taptiles, Pinbal FX…)
    – Mortar Melon
    – PrimeTube
    – Box
    – Wikipedia
    – Encyclopedia Brittanica
    – Book Bazaar Reader (for epub books)
    – Clouder
    – DI.FM
    – Metro Commander
    – Armed
    – PhotoFunia
    – WordPress
    – Evernote/Skitch
    – Abyss
    – The treasure of Montezuma
    – Wordsearch
    – Blocked in
    – The chess, lv 100
    and tens, tens more…

    • Fahad Ali

      Interesting list!

  • WillyThePooh

    The quality of apps seems getting better when I checked the store today. This is more important than the number of apps. App store has 700,000+ apps but how many you have in your iPad? Most people will dump the low quality ones and keep higher quality ones in their tablets.