The best thing, by far, that Microsoft’s refreshed new strategy for its modern platforms has brought along is a quick update cycle. No longer do users have to wait years upon years for small changes.

The Windows Store already got a revamp with Windows 8.1, and now the company is at it again.

Microsoft officially introduced Windows 8.1 Update to the world last week at its BUILD 2014 developer conference, and it appears that this new feature pack for the operating system comes with a completely new Windows Store design.

A design that makes navigation a bit easier for desktop keyboard and mouse users.

The software titan showed off these changes in a video posted on Channel 9, confirming that Windows Store will now come with its very own icon pinned to the desktop taskbar — once Windows 8.1 Update is deployed, of course.


Additionally, as you can see from the image above, the design includes a menu at the top of the screen with dropdown options. New sections (like Top Charts and Collections) are also on offer.

Ultimately, this refreshed design is part of Redmond’s plan to make its operating system more accessible to traditional desktop users. Windows 9, the next full version of the OS, will complete these improvements, allowing for the possibility of running Metro apps right on the desktop.

Windows 8.1 Update reportedly arrives tomorrow.

Thoughts on these convenient improvements? The Store looks much more compact and richly designed now, don’t you agree? Comment away!

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  • Bill Franklin

    That looks great to me. I love the quicker updates and definitely love the layout according to that picture.

  • Ted Smith

    I’m not too sure about the green color, but other than that it looks pretty good. I do hope changing the color is an option or something they may consider.

    • Jake

      I hate to agree on this, but I do. I usually love the color green, but this is too bright in my opinion. I want something that looks a little better and is more subtle.

      • Wayne S

        I think this is sort of the same color they use for XBOX stuff, which may be why they chose it. While I get what you guys are saying, I don’t mind the color too much. Overall, it seems pretty nice.

  • Emily W

    This interface and layout looks 10000000X easier and better than the Apple store. I don’t even think it’s comparable.

  • Sally Black

    Different, sleek, and simple. That’s a recipe for success, and I think they’ve found it with this one.

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