After a briefest of hiatuses, here we are with another Windows Store milestone. Microsoft’s flagship apps repository for Windows 8 recently accomplished the important landmark of 100,000 Metro apps.

Now according to the latest count, it has whizzed past the 111,000 apps milestone.

MetroStore Scanner, an unofficial service that tracks the apps published in the Store is claiming that the apps repository has reached this new count. Most of the Metro applications available in the Windows Store are available with a freeware license.

Things are still a bit seesaw when it comes to app submissions — some days see a sudden rise in the number of apps submitted, while business is markedly slow on other days. Nevertheless, these are still early times and the platform is still establishing itself.

The same can be said for the overall quality of the apps available.

Microsoft recently said that it plans to keep an even closer eye on the amount of spam and low quality apps that gets published in the Windows Store. And true to its word, the company has been removing certain entries that fall below its set standard.

The good news, however, is that many large companies and businesses have already confirmed that they are actively developing Windows 8 apps, including social networking giant Facebook.

Many of these apps are expected to see daylight by the end of the year — in other words, around the time Windows 8.1 is out in the wild. Expect a flurry of new apps soon after release of the new OS.

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