Learn about flight delays long before you get to the airport! FlightPredictor (powered by lets you pin live tiles and keep up with flight delays, often before the airlines tell you.

Predictions are based on learning techniques and historical data, as well as the status of the inbound flight.

Includes terminal maps of over 30 major US airports, so you can find the way to your connection! *Only works on US domestic flights*


  • Predict flight status based on weather and historical data
  • Pin flights to live tiles to stay up to date
  • See terminal maps for over 30 major US airports
  • View delays at airports around the country
  • Share flight statuses over email and other share targets


  • Link to:  FlightPredictor
  • Cost:  $1.99
  • Category:  Travel
  • Age Rating:  12+
  • Developer:

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