From the people behind –the funniest way to learn everything about everything — this app will keep your life enlightening and humorous. We specialize in providing shocking insight into subjects you thought you knew everything about.

Whether it’s your favorite pop culture, misconceptions you learned in school, or current events, the Cracked app will make the world around you seem more interesting, and way funnier than you thought possible.


  • An easy to navigate, fast loading feed featuring all of our latest content
  • Columns by Michael Swaim, Dan O’Brien, David Wong, Jack O’Brien, etc.
  • Easy to navigate slide show presentation of our weekly photo manipulation contest
  • Humorous and intelligent commentary on movies & TV, music, celebrities, sex, sports, news, science, history and video games
  • Viral Videos and exclusive Cracked series, including the huge hit “After Hours”!


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