This is a great app for Students, Teachers, Tutors and Business.
Your Journals will be powerful with multimedia, docs, drawings, links, and many other Features no other app will offer you. For fun or for workplace, eJournal will be the best for you.
Create smart journals where you can:
– draw/write with your fingers or pen;
– type;
– add links from internet;
– add Videos, Music and Pictures;
– add docs (PDF and more to come);
– share the content;
– send pages to any e-mail;
– unlimited pages and journals;
– complete drawing tools for edition (colors pallete, pens, select strokes, etc);
– export/import journals as documents (.edoc) to any drive (pendrive, hard disk, etc);
– Touching and Gesturing capable.


  • Draw/Write with your fingers or pen
  • add Links from internet
  • add Videos, Music and Pictures
  • add PDF (and more to come)
  • Share the content online
  • Send pages to any E-MAIL
  • Unlimited pages and journals
  • Complete Drawing Tools for edition (colors pallete, pens, select strokes, etc)
  • Export/Import journals as documents (.edoc) to any drive (pendrive, hard disk, etc)
  • Touching and Gesturing capable


  • Link to:  eJournal
  • Cost: $2.99
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Age Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Tora Tora


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