Google and Apple can rest (comparatively) easy for now.

Windows tablets will probably not pose a serious threat to the Android and iOS line of slates in the foreseeable future. Sales of Windows based tablets are quite low right now, and analysts believe this will be the case at least until 2016.

Research firm IDC upped its tablet forecast to 122.3 million units (from 117.1 million). According to ZDNet, analysts are expecting an even increased demand for tablets in the comings years – 174.4 million tablets in 2013, set to rise to 282.7 million by 2016.

That’s a lot of, um, tablets.

A lot of these tablet shipments are coming at the expense of e-readers, which are set to go down to 19.9 million units this year, compared to 27.7 million in 2011.

Apple increased the share of its iOS tablets, after recently releasing iPad Mini.

It still remains the tablet king for now.

A bunch of slates from companies like Google, Amazon and Samsung means Android tablets are finally making their mark. Android, IDC believes, is set to own the low-cost and budget tablet market.

The humble Windows tablets, on the other hand, will barely crack the 10% market share by the year 2016, trailing behind both its iOS and Android counterparts.

Microsoft has not yet revealed sales figures for the Surface RT tablets, powered by ARM processors and running Windows RT. Though analysts are expecting the Redmond company to move over a million units in the first quarter.

The Surface family of tablets is set to get a new member next year in the form of Surface Pro.

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  1. Look at how much the “Other” option has decreased in the 2016 forecast.

  2. Unfortunate that MS as a latecomer decided to price the surface head-on with the iPad. There’s no chance to win the battle that way. Whoever made that decision should be or already been fired.

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