Remember when the codename Windows Blue first came out? Reports that floated up earlier this year suggested that Microsoft was aiming to give all its operating platforms a paint with the same brush.

And now the company is planning something even more elaborate with Windows Threshold.

Recent rumors claimed that the next Windows release, the one set to take flight in 2015, is to be called Threshold. And now we have some more hints on the matter that suggest that Microsoft is planning to brings all its platforms together — desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

Mary Jo Foley writes that the software titan is even contemplating renaming all its operating system simply Windows. The only difference between them, will obviously, come down to user experience and the subtle user interface changes.

Ultimately, the goal here is to make all versions of Windows share the same components.

Things like file system, driver model, memory management, services and app stores will be unified. The end game here is offering a streamlined and cohesive experience across all devices. Cloud technology will, of course, be at the very heart of this initiative, bringing powerful synchronization features.

Still the earliest of days, but hard to deny that this sounds like a plan! What do you guys think?

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