Windows Threshold Merges Windows Phone With Windows RT

Windows Threshold Merges Windows Phone With Windows RT

Talk that Microsoft is set to merge its two ARM based operating systems, Windows Phone and Windows RT, is not new. Although we are yet to get any confirmation when this might actually happen.

But some new information coming from the always reliable Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet reveals that this combined operating system is to be a big part of the Threshold wave of updates that the software titan will release next year.

The idea behind Threshold is to make the Windows operating system fit the devices, depending on their needs. Computers will focus on the desktop, while tablets will be a hybrid of both the desktop and the Start Screen — subject to whether a keyboard is attached.

Threshold Mobile, then, is a variant that is to be used on ARM based Lumia phones, Windows tablets, and probably even some Intel Atom based slates.

This flavor of the operating system will let go of the desktop entirely, though the ability to run apps side by side will remain. And so would, one might imagine, Windows Phone features like Cortana and the notifications center.

Redmond has been moving towards a unified OS since the launch of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, but the plans are finally being put into action, it now appears.

  • Claire R

    Sounds like an Apple influence where the phone and computer are connected as one. Smart move for Microsoft I think.

    • Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod

      Not an Apple influence. They were talking about this last year. It just takes a while to implement.

  • Ray C

    It makes sense. Why have two different ARM Os. Of course this makes the possibly of having no mini-tablet on ARM even more dumb if it’s true.