Windows 8 is on its way, and its apparent from the wide adoption of Android and iOS devices that the future of computing is deeply connected to touchscreen technology. For those looking to stay ahead of the curve in regards to the business or even with their personal technology, now is as good of time as any to get a touch-screen monitor.

One such model worth taking a look at is the AOC e2239Fwt 21.5″ LED LCD Touchscreen Monitor. We’ll start with the specifications, as usual:

  • LED backlit display
  • a resolution of 1920×1080
  • 5ms response time
  • 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratios
  • 21.5” inch screen
  • VGA and HDMI video connection on front
  • Other connectors include USB, audio and second HDMI

Not bad specs at all, and as always setup is a breeze. So why would you want to consider this model? I can give you a few good reasons, really easily:

Reason 1: 2 HDMI Ports! (and 1 VGA), this means you can hook up your HDMI PC/Laptop and 1 other HDMI capable device like a Playstation 3, Blu-Ray player, or the Xbox 360.

Reason 2: Nice design. While not epically beautiful, it is still an attractive unit that will look great on your desktop.

Reason 3: Unique ‘dual stand’ design means a laptop (or keyboard) can easily sit right under the monitor, a space-saving convenience.

Reason 4: Decent internal speakers. Many times internal speakers are awful, by AOC actually managed a fairly decent speaker set for this model, still it isn’t nearly good enough for audiophiles out there.

Reason 5: Windows 8 and Metro will ROCK when accompanied with this thing.

Bottom line, not a bad monitor that has fairly responsive touch-technology integrated into it. Is touch-technology a worthwhile investment for everybody? Honestly, I can’t say it is, but it is a convenience that will become ever-more important with Windows 8 and likely future iterations of Windows (and other operating system that might come after it).

If you are buying a touch-monitor ONLY to use Metro, is it worth it? Probably not, the keyboard and mouse should suffice. Yes, touch is better with Metro, but it isn’t necessary.

So who should buy a touchscreen? Those that have a real need (kiosk and business, artists, etc) or those who need a new monitor. If your current monitor is going out anyway, then yes, I’d say go for touch. It won’t be that much more expensive, and sure you won’t use touch all the time, but if its only $100-$200 more for a good touch screen, why not?

Think of this like 3D TV, do people who buy 3D TV use 3D all the time? Probably not, just for special uses and occasions. Would a non-3D TV be much cheaper? Sure, but for those who like the cutting-edge, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Personally, touch is here to stay and upgrading your home or business computer now is a good move. Still, if you’ve already invested $$$ into a newer non-touch monitor, I’d probably wait a year or two, at least.

You can get the AOC e2239Fwt 21.5″ LED LCD from Amazon for $279.97.

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  • ToddB

    “Reason 5: Windows 8 and Metro will ROCK when accompanied with this thing.”

    1. I don’t agree.  Look at the screen and bezel.  They aren’t on the same flat plane.  That means you cannot swipe left to right to switch apps, nor can you swipe right to left for charms, etc.

    2. I hope we can get larger displays.  21.5″ is a bit too small.

    3. Finally, I wish we could get higher resolutions like we used to, such as 1920×1200 or greater.  1080p isn’t that great for a desktop.