Now admittedly, this is Windows 8.1 we are talking about, not Windows 8 proper, but the newest statistics show that Windows Visa still has more users than Microsoft’s new operating system.

Which is surprising in these sense that not only is Vista infamous for being a mishit, but also because its user base has failed to move to either Windows 7 or the modern versions of the platform. The user base may be small, but it is there, and it is sticking with the old OS.

Getting back to Windows 8.1, even though Redmond’s latest has increased its market share in the last year, but it is not enough to overtake previous version of the operating system.

Data from StatCounter confirms that for the period between September 2013 and August 2014, Windows 7 led the charts with 55.01%. Windows X came in second with 18.43%, while the third spot surprisingly goes to Mac OS X with a solid 8.2%.

Windows Vista comes next with some 4.19% in this timeframe.

The latest version of the OS, Windows 8.1, managed only 3.87% of the desktop market in this timeframe, though Windows 8 vanilla conquered 7.83% — this is enough to push Microsoft’s modern platform to a combined share of 11.7%.

Which is good enough to make it the third most popular platform the world over.

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  • Ray C

    These comparisons are pointless. By the time the new year rolls around 8.x combined share will be the #2 OS.

  • Jason Claven

    Sad, even though 8 is still new. Even the biggest Microsoft fanboy can admit that Vista is a total disaster. Because of that, it’s amazing that many people are still using Vista.

    • Ray C

      Maybe these people don’t know it’s a disaster. I offered to upgrade some people from Vista to 7, and they said they were fine

      • Randy A

        That’s an interesting point. I guess they just don’t know better or don’t care. Windows 7 and 8 are miles better than Vista, so I feel sorry for them.

  • WillyThePooh

    Even though win8.1 is better than win8 overall, but win8 still has more users than 8.1. So about 2/3 of win8.x users don’t really care what they are using.