Windows Weekly Podcast 222 – Thurrott and MJ Foley talk WebOS

It’s a slow Sunday but I thought you guys would like this one.

It’s Paul Thurrott’s webcast called Windows Weekly where he and a bunch of friends opine about the events of the week.

This week, Leo, Mary Jo and Paul discuss HP’s blockbuster decision to kill webOS and sell/spin off its dominant PC business.

They also discuss the Google/Motorola deal and what it really means. Then a review of Steven Sinofsky blogging about Windows 8 and carefully revealing a few morsels of real information.

Also on the agenda, the BUILD Blogger Bash, Microsoft’s living room bet is all Xbox (and not Windows or Zune), BPOS to Office 365 migrations, Scott Adams and Windows Phone, Windows Azure pricing, and Paul’s trip this week to Petaluma.

Check it out here..