Windows XP Continues Its Free Fall, New StatCounter Data Shows

While things may be a bit too quiet on the Windows XP front, more so than Microsoft wanted, but a substantial portion of the user base of the old operating system is starting to upgrade.

Redmond still wants the majority off of the ancient OS and on to newer versions, either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, and even though Windows XP remains the second most popular operating system in the world, it is continually dropping its market share.

The newest numbers provided by market research firm StatCounter reveal that the worldwide market share of Windows XP has dropped to 19.24 percent within the first 11 days of the month.

As of this writing, Windows XP is still installed on pretty much twice the number of devices than Windows 8, at least in terms of connected computers that are tallied in this report. But it is clear that more users are jumping ship as we inch closer to the official retirement of the classic operating system.

Microsoft has made it clear that it will be pulling the plug off, come April 8, 2014. This is when the software titan will stop providing patches and security updates to Windows XP users.

By the same token, the company warns users on every single occasion that staying on Windows XP beyond this date comes with an extreme amount of risk, and asking them to consider their options before the retirement date is here.