Windows XP Lost A Significant Amount Of Users In April

Windows XP Lost A Significant Amount Of Users In April

Oh, statistics! The dawn of a new month brings with it the usual dose of market share numbers, and on the Windows front, things more or less stayed the same in April.

Obviously, Windows XP finally became an unsupported platform last month.

And although the second most popular operating system in the world does not receive any updates or security patches now, only a few users made the jump to a newer platform — Windows XP lost users in April 2014, but just by a smidgon. And half.

The latest statistics provided by Net Applications for the month of April reveal that Windows XP is still powering around 26.29 percent of desktop PCS the world over.

Windows 7 leads the charge with a commanding 49.27 percent to its name.

So basically, Windows XP had a drop in figure from 27.69 percent in March to 26.29 percent in April, making for a dip of 1.4 percent in the month that the operating system reached end of support status, and Microsoft rolled out plenty of upgrade notifications and warnings to users.

It might take another couple of months, if things continue at this pace, to hit below the twenty percent mark, but Windows XP will, more or less, live on until it reaches single digit figures.

By the way, Windows 8 ended the month at 6.36 percent. Windows 8.1, 5.88 percent.

  • Ray C

    We really need to see about a 15% move from XP to 8. Anyone out there not supporting the move is supporting the attackers. People need to stop letting their bias keep them from giving sound advice.

  • Sally Black

    Good to know there’s been a significant drop. I would expect this to continue in the following months… Look for 7 and 8 to increase a little as well.

  • Ted Smith

    I’d expect at least a 2% drop by next month. If not, I’ll have to question XP users even more.