Windows XP Lost Users In July 2014, As Did Windows 8, 8.1

The new month dawns, bringing both good news and bad for Microsoft. A number of Windows platform have lost users, including Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Essentially almost all current versions of the operating system out there.

Statistics from the market research firm Net Applications reveal that Windows 7 was the big winner in July 2014, as there is clearly a bit of a pattern going here — users are rapidly changing their operating systems by either upgrading or downgrading.

Windows 8.1 for instance, dipped to 6.56% last month, down from the figures of 6.61% in June 2014. This is one flavor of the operating system, almost everyone would have pegged for growth.

Windows 8, however, registered the slightest of declines, going from 5.93% to 5.92% last month.

But importantly, Windows XP continues its collapse, dropping from 25.31% two months ago to the new low of 24.82% in July. Still a long way to go before the majority of users upgrade to a newer version of the operating system, but at least there is a trend.

Even if the pace is really slow.

Windows 7, on the other hand, is doing a lot better, and finds itself installed on around 51.22% of desktops the world over. The Windows XP end of support has been kind to the platform.

It has steadily increased its market share going from 49.27% in April to 50.06% in May, and then another major upsurge of 50.55% in June 2014.

  • Ray C

    This doesn’t really matter. We’ll see some months where 8.1 grows. Of course 7 grew. People are still in the middle of their 7 transitions. But Microsoft does need to kick up it’s marketing of Windows 8. They’ve laid off it too much over the past few months

  • Lars

    XP switching to 7 for the time being, then eventually will head towards Windows 8 or 9. I wouldn’t worry about the slight dip in Windows 8 yet.