Made peace already? The Windows XP retirement has helped many a company post better sales, and now we have another addition to this list in the form of HP.

Yes, the same HP that is still pitching Windows 7 devices to consumers.

And the final results from the hardware giant for the third fiscal quarter of the year 2014 show that the end of support for the old version of the operating system helped increase sales. HP is claiming a revenue increase to $27.58 billion from $27.23 billion in Q3 2013.

But at the same time, its profits dropped to $985 million during this period.

In the words of CEO Meg Whitman:

“The Windows XP expiration has contributed to our growth. Although we believe we’re now through much of that benefit. However, our product line-up, driven by products like our EliteBook Series and our x360 convertible notebook, is the strongest we’ve had in years and we continue to see customers looking to refresh their ageing installed base.”

Overall, the PC business posted an increase of 12 percent year-on-year, and a lot of it has got to do with the Windows XP retirement that was announced on April 8, this year.

Intel, as you may recall, recently confirmed that the retirement of the old operating system helped increase both sales and demand. Desktop PC sales are also up by a notable margin, but there are analysts that believe these good times are only temporary.

Be interesting to see for how long these hardware companies can maintain this momentum.

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  • WillyThePooh

    If a company just focuses on her existing customers and ignores the trend of the market, she will follow suit of Eastman Kodak.

  • CalvinQ

    Makes sense. The more people moving away from XP, the more people there will be looking for new hardware. To me, that means I’d expect HP to grow from this, and it looks like they have.