It appears that desktop PCs may get one last hurrah. Windows XP is finally fading away, and with mere months remaining between official retirement of the operating system, Microsoft has amped up efforts to convince users and businesses on making the move to a newer version of Windows.

A similar script was written a few years back — but lackluster reception of Windows Vista meant that things did not go according to plan. Now, however, Windows 8 provides the technology industry with another chance to set things straight.

Microsoft may not exactly like it too much, but Windows 7 may still become the new Windows XP for corporate, business and enterprise users.

For now, though, the Redmond based company is solely focused on getting Windows XP out of the way.

And doing so could do a lot of good to enterprise PCs, it is believed. The enterprise sector has not really had any major hardware upgrades for a couple of years now.

With major hardware vendors like Dell and HP having moved away from Windows XP, the hardware makers are starting to see sales of enterprise PC improving. And things are projected to only go up from here, come 2014, when the real party will start.

HP, for example, actually expects sequential improvements of 15 percent in the third quarter of 2013. Other large hardware vendors like Acer and ASUS are also likely to report positive numbers.

This is said to affect both desktops and notebooks. However it is forecasted that we may even witness a short period of time where desktops actually do better than laptops for a change. The towering machines have had it tough ever since notebooks took over in terms of market share.

The rise of tablets and slates has left a notable dent in the notebook numbers, and desktops may just find it enough to move into a lead — even if for a short period, even if for one last hurrah.

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