Windows XP, the classic old operating system is set for official retirement on April 8, 2014. But it seems that only a portion of users are doing something about this important occasion.

Not everyone is prepared to move away from the old OS, and as a result the number of upgrades to newer versions of Windows remains low at this point — at least according to online statistics.

But along with Microsoft and hardware partners, security companies are also preparing for the event. AVAST Software, the make or the popular free antivirus solution has conducted a little research of its own regarding the impending retirement of the operating system.

No less than 164 educational institutions were surveyed in order to find out whether they are ready to upgrade to either Windows 7 or 8 before Windows XP goes dark.

And just as feared, not everybody is prepared for this moment, meaning Windows XP could potentially to cause a major technology crisis next year when it is retired. Even a 30 plus percent worldwide market share means hundreds of millions of computers still running the old OS — a scary thought.

AVAST shared the details in a blog post:

“Educational institutions of all sizes around the world are going to have to foot the bill of upgrading not only their operating system but also their hardware.

Schools that don’t upgrade to a new operating system by the April 2014 cut-off could be at risk. The withdrawal of support means that there will be no updates such as security patches, driver refreshes, or bug fixes — all of which are essential for networked personal computers, where protection of children and information is especially important.”

The security firm estimates that the cost of upgrading from Windows XP to a newer version of Windows hovers in at around $200 per computer — and this is without taking into account any hardware purchases required for Windows 7 or Windows 8.

AVAST has also launched a new program called Free for Education that provides antivirus protection to schools in the United States at no cost.

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  • Mike Greenway

    surprising! I thought that US Educational institutions were on the cutting edge.

  • javajolt

    Do they want MS to support XP for ever? They have known this was coming for several years and have done nothing about it. Now they are crying. They could have upgrades a few machines at a time until they were all done but chose not to.

  • Adrian Aguilar

    it’s the time to say bye to windows XP , classic operating system . but win 7 win 8 are better , the only problem is most of Win XP users dont’s want to take money .
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