This is it, ladies and gentlemen. The end of an era is fast approaching, and some 10 odd days remain between now and the time when Windows XP reaches end of support.

Microsoft has talked about retirement a million times now, and while it continues to emphasize the risks of staying with an older, unsupported operating system, a company executive makes it clear that there is no need to panic. Absolutely no need to panic.

In the words of David Rodger, commercial lead for the Windows Business Group at Microsoft UK:

“We’re not seeing a stampede. Many organisations will have looked at this from a ‘T-minus’ perspective and are probably now seeing their plans come together. People have to deal with contingencies and the realities that brings.”

No stampede, no stampede at all.

The official also talks a bit about the preferred destination of users upgrading from Windows XP, saying that while many are, indeed, choosing Windows 7, the best choice still remains Windows 8.1 as it comes with the latest enhancements in terms of technologies:

“Windows 7 is a great operating system but for benefits around productivity, mobility, security and connectivity Windows 8.1 is the best by far. It also offers the ability to support touch for a mobile workforce but also brings best-in-class capabilities to support desktop environments.”

Which makes sense, because, Windows 7 is not exactly a focus for Microsoft right now — its major emphasis is on its modern platforms, and the upcoming Windows 8.1 Update 1 is a sign of this. Most innovations and enhancements will be exclusive to this new version of Windows going forward.

Windows 7 arguably is the peak, but it is still in the past.

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  • WillyThePooh

    No need to panic for casual home users as they don’t have 1000+ PCs to upgrade.

    • Fahad Ali

      Ha, that’s another way to put it. If anything, casual home users are the least at risk, because hackers will hit government, industries and enterprises first and foremost.

      Businesses, really have a worry.

  • Sphar

    The only way I can “upgrade” to a newer OS is to throw away my existing hardware investment (a HP MIni 210) as it won’t run these bloated pre-fetch OSs in the age of SSDs. So the the hidden message is to buy new hardware to “upgrade”. Fabulous.

    • Fahad Ali

      Fabulous indeed.

      That’s actually the biggest factor in this deal for home users. Upgrading not just the PC, but in some instances whole setups, including printers, scanners, accessories and all that. Scary.