Windows XP User Base Is Starting To Move To Windows 8.1, Says Microsoft

If there is one thing Microsoft has really amped up to eleven in Windows 8.1, it is the security of the new operating system. A number of security features are in place, not just for end users, but also for business and enterprise users.

And this is a fact that helps set the recently released OS from the core Windows 8.

Seemingly, this is also a fact that is resulting in Windows XP consumer giving up on their aging OS and choosing Windows 8.1, at least according to what Microsoft claims in a new blog post.

Stella Chernyak talks Windows 8.1 for business, and explains that since the new operating system comes with several performance and security enhancements, there appears to be a recent pattern where they are giving up Windows XP and migrating to Windows 8.1:

“With the one year anniversary of Windows 8 behind us, we are also seeing more enterprise customers move away from Windows XP to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 – like Campari Australia and Meiji Yasuda – who have chosen a more modern operating system to give their workers the tools they need to be productive while keeping their data secure.”

Many of the names mentioned are large organization, which apparently is where the crux of the Windows XP conundrum lies. It is the business and enterprise users, organizations, institutes and industries that are still running the ancient operating system and are reluctant to upgrade.

The upgrade process is undoubtedly time consuming — and in this particular case, it also involves new hardware for many organizations that are transitioning from Windows XP.

But with at least, Redmond has played its cards right. No one can say no to improved computer security, and this is exactly what Microsoft has brought to the table with its newest operating system.

  • Ray C

    The XP to 8.1 shouldn’t be as hard as some people think. If you back up data and customizations like favorites, doing re-image or a clean install is not really that bad of an option.

  • Mike Greenway

    “… at least according to what Microsoft claims in a new blog post.” You’re luck Stella is more restrained than some, many you punch you in the beak, for insinuating that they lie. I don’t even work for MS and I fine it insulting.