The worldwide market share of Windows 8 at the time of the release of the public preview of Windows 8.1 has been an affair of significant interest. Of even greater concern would be the numbers when Windows 8.1 hits general availability.

But for now though, Microsoft’s current platform has done quite well for itself.

The statistics released by Net Applications for the month of June 2013 show that Windows 8 is currently the third most popular operating system in the world with a total market share of 5.10 percent.

Windows 8 overtook Windows Vista recently, and the old OS is now fourth in the rankings with numbers amounting to 4.62 percent.

The clear leader, however, remains Windows 7. The world’s most popular operating system is installed on no less than 44.37 percent of computers connected to the Internet. It is followed by the soon to be retired Windows XP — the now classic OS still finds itself on 37.17 percent of computers worldwide.

Various versions of Mac OS X occupy the remaining sports according to these statistics.

Microsoft is widely expected to launch the final version of Windows 8.1 in October, and the Redmond-based software titan would be hoping for even greater Windows 8 adoption in the months to come.

The technology giant is actively promoting both the Windows 8 operating system, along with its Surface line up of tablets, around the globe, so expect these numbers to grow even more very soon.

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