Wooden Doors And Windows Industry's Game Of Survival And Increased Risk Of The Industry Eye On Windows

Wooden Doors And Windows Industry’s Game Of Survival And Increased Risk Of The Industry

Data show that attention to windows and doors in October reached the highest degree in the mid-point of attention, well above the beginning and end. The lowest point reached in the end, the percentage is only 11%. Windows and doors in October of concern about the rise in the overall trend of falling.

10 with Financial Development of the crisis, door and window industry is still unable to shake off the impact of the financial crisis. The doors of the market has gone through so many years despite the head, but still more primary, low barriers to entry from the enterprise to enterprise-scale quantities of explosive growth, and now the wood industry has not really entered a relatively stable, regulated market competitive situation, or a disorder’s game situation. The crisis to be able to pick up the end of 2009 was still unknown, the state introduced the 4 trillion rescue funds are mainly concentrated in the infrastructure, the wooden doors on the building materials industry enterprises, can have a share of the probability is relatively small; 2009 -2 010 years, timber and other resources of rising raw material prices and labor cost growth trend remains unchanged; foreign companies into China wooden doors, wooden doors for export-oriented enterprises began to expand the domestic market and the venture capital industry to increase support for large enterprises, but also increased the survival of wooden corporate risk. Early in October, the concern of doors and windows remain tepid.

With the acceleration of rural areas, rural housing has become a hot spot means the door industry gradually from one market to the 23 cities and even rural development.

The development of Sichuan doors can not be ignored, the rise of a large number of Sichuan and the outside doors of the brand fresh blood into the wooden door onto the collective enterprise brand road and competition intensified. As a door company to build the road of brand resources should be fully used, to become an effective way to compete. For example, Sichuan’s human resources, companies can train a group of professional or skilled workers to build a dedicated Marketing Team, whether it is “behind” or “foreground” reasonable use of human resources, give full play to people’s subjective initiative. In addition, the rational and effective exploitation of the rich forestry resources, protect the source of production of wooden doors, maintaining healthy and sustainable forest industry resources to the enterprise to create a recycling-based production system, among other measures are to encourage a competitive advantage.

The speed of real estate development has not diminished, but the demand is growing. As a real estate related industry – wood industry market will expand.

Environmental protection Conservation has become an important criterion of all trades, Wood Chemical industry Is no exception. Despite their shortcomings, but the wood chemical industry has also been explored, the course, some businesses are looking for policies to break the market there have been many new ideas, new products. Hot new product markets. It is understood that in recent years, many emerging market veneer of new environmentally friendly plastic, paint and other categories of products. Compared with traditional chemical products, these new products, product quality, environmental protection rating, operating methods, there were obvious advantages, such as has been the popular rich deep hot hide glue paste, rich deep mortise to install furniture, rubber and water-based paint, etc. products are well received by customers, the market sold only to rise.

Several factors to stimulate more than 10 mid, windows and doors of concern about the steep rise in the rate of increase much.

10 the end of a number of windows and doors for business protracted lack of preparation, after experiencing a mid-carnival, began to weigh the development of next month, so the doors and windows to a price war based company began to reconsider next month marketing plan, a number of promotions over the end of windows users are concerned about the level of decline. However, in general, October is the window of attention, the overall rise in fall, a high degree of concern.

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