The mega leaker Canouna has preliminary details about the Windows 8 Release Candidate.

The Windows 8 Release Candidate is the next version of Windows 8 that is scheduled to be completed after the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

He is stating that work on the Windows 8 Release Candidate began in February with the build 8275.

More from Canouna:

Microsoft is now entering in the last interesting phase of developement, namely, the integration of the latest features to the main code, adding the last touches to the UI, and accentuated the performance of the system.

The notable changes are the addition of color set, some were already present in several Milestone 3 build, the return of Windows to Go, various changes in the UI, performance improvements and the return of « staged » build.

Based on some of the feedback I’ve gotten about Windows 8 and the Metro UI, it’ll be interesting to see what’s in store for us in the next development iteration of Windows 8.


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  • Guest

    after all the feedback about the UI I’m looking forward to details of what will be changedimproved. I think they would have been better to do an extreme make over to the classic start menu (including access to metro apps) and explorer shell to give it a metro feel and save the full blown metro UI for windows 9, with such a drastic change people need to be eased into it. 

  • Brandon

    exciting but worrisome for me. this means their feature set is locked down, which is NOT ok based on what I saw in the CP… that people hub needs massive amounts of work and needs to be given every bit of feature/functionality/ability that the people hub on WP7 has. It’s unacceptable to have twitter contact un-linkable w/ their real-world personas in my address book, and not have an ability to be connected to a service w/o pulling in all the contacts

    • NazmusLabs

      The People app, mail app, calendar app, etc. are all “App Previews”. According to the Building Windows 8 Blog, these apps are 6 months behind Consumer Preview. They are very unfinished and lacking many features. The blog post says that the Win8 CP OS is near final, but the apps are far from it. So, I wouldn’t judge these apps yet. There is a send feedback for these apps for this very reason. If you want to see something in the app, use the send feedback feature built in these apps.

      • Brandon

        believe me I have, religiously 🙂
        I realize as “apps” they are updateable post-win8 launch, but the adage “you only get one chance at a first impression” is around for a reason… I’d like to see them get it right out of the gate than have to explain to people “there’s an update coming…”
        I think the wp7 team should’ve just gave them the code for the people hub and started from that. it definitely appears as though that hasn’t been done.

  • ECM2

    Where’s the part where they add the option to disable Metro or Desktop? Sounds like they need some reality testing!!!  Would you please give them a hard slap on the head.

    • CompUser

      I’m using Windows 8 CP on one desktop, and the first thing I do after booting the computer and it loads Windows 8 is click the Desktop tile. I never use Metro unless I want to run one of the few apps I’ve downloaded from the Microsoft Store. When I install programs, I make sure the installer puts a shortcut on the desktop. If it doesn’t, I find that program’s executable in Windows Explorer, right click it, and send a shortcut to the desktop manually. I also put shortcuts on the desktop for Windows Explorer, Command Prompt, and Internet Explorer the same way. It looks and feels exactly like Windows 7, with the exception that clicking the Start button launches the Metro Start Page instead of the traditional start menu.

  • Robind

    No matter how hard Microsoft tries to improve on Windows 7, I am still not impressed with W8, Metro is a waste of time and Windows Explorer is a headache now that it looks like MS Office boohaa
    Really, I have no complements for W8 and I don’t plan on updating W7 Eternity for a long time as I have it just the way I like it, W8 has no themes, no exciting features and looks totally boring.
    There are so many feature’s, themes, add-ones, programs, on the net for W7 and nothing for W8, so… in short… WHY BOTHER TO UPDATE?


  • Robind

    My W7 desktop

    • CompUser

      How do you do that? I wanted to put a snap shot of my Windows 8 desktop in my comment above, but I couldn’t figure out how.

      By the way, that’s quite the desktop.