Windows, by all accounts, is Microsoft’s flagship product. And considering just how complex and sophisticated the operating system is, one would imagine development on it continues pretty much round the clock, or something like that.

And it appears that work on Windows never stops at the company.

In a recent AMA session on Reddit on the launch of Windows 8.1, several members of the team talked about how the development on the latest version of Microsoft’s modern platform came along.

Unsurprisingly, the company had started work on Windows 8.1 soon after it launched Windows 8 late last year, and work on the new OS continued up until launch. Previous rumors on this suggested this much, and here we have official confirmation:

“The work never stops – we’ve been working on 8.1 since right after we shipped 8 last year – we’ve been making improvements right up until recently.”

In between the lines this is actually a confirmation that we can expect more of the same in the future.

Microsoft is said to be preparing another major upgrade to the core Windows 8.1 that is set to see daylight early next year — sometime near the expected launch of the Surface Mini and an LTE enabled Surface tablet.

It currently goes by the name of Spring 2014 GDR, though clear details on what it promises to bring are still under wraps. In any case, expect good things from Windows in the future.

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