Now here is an interesting reveal. Research firm IDC has just ousted its tablet figures for the second quarter of the year, and they make for some very pleasant reading.

The highlight of the story is that the tablet market grew by 11% overall. Worldwide.

But at the same time there was a notable shuffle in players and their market shares. Samsung, for instance, has been keen on conquering the tablet world, but the Korean giant actually saw its slice of the pie shrink by a point and some.

And that is because of the emergence of new companies in the list.

Apple, of course, also saw a dip in unit shipments, with iPad dropping from a 33% share in Q2 last year to a notably down 26.9% during the same period this. Samsung, however, had to contend with a smaller decline of from 18.8% to 17.2%.

Manageable, but hardly world conquering.

Details are here, but long story short, the market share went to other (some would say smaller) tablet makers like ASUS, Acer and Lenovo — all three of which are now listed by name in the IDC report.



Signs that the times are changing.

The ‘Others’ category is the most fascinating, as it now has a commanding 44.4% market share. These are white label manufacturers, Chinese vendors, and relatively small hardware makers.

Lenovo, however, had a pretty good showing, and managed to boost up sales by a remarkable 64.7% in this quarter compared to the same time last year. Much to do with the number of Windows powered slates the company has released, perhaps?

One thing is for sure, though.

The absolute dominance of Apple and Samsung seems to be coming to an end. It is going to be a much more level playing field, going forward. And this is something Microsoft would really appreciate.

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  • Leonard

    It’s going to continue to grow for the next 10 years or so, then I expect it to level off or dip a little. Now’s the time for the surface tablet to make its mark on the market.

    • terry10

      I think you’re on the money. Surface Pro needs to start to capture market share soon or it’s going to be too late. I think as companies and businesses start adopting tablets more and more, the surface will become more and more popular.

  • Ray C

    It’s time for Microsoft to make its move with it’s tablets. It’s time to really push the Surface Pro and the smaller Surface one Office Gemini comes out

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