Wouldn’t it be nice if Windows 8 looked like this on startup?

Winunleaked.tk has released screenshots of a new Windows 8 SKU (stock keeping unit).

The SKU is called CoreSingleLanguageEdition and branded as Windows 8 Core Single Language.

Now, I don’t really care much about any of these SKU’s one way or the other BUT here’s what was interesting:

The start screen looks clean.

With only 10 tiles on the homepage, it looks a lot less cluttered than what we saw in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

It looks to me like maybe 6 more tiles could fit comfortably without bleeding into the right of the screen.

Wouldn’t this (with a few more tiles) be a better, cleaner look for the final Windows 8 release?

  • Hugo

    This would be horrible, main apps are missing. on startup you need, IE, Mail, Music, News, Marketplace, Calendar, Picutre, maybe weather. No need for TaskManager there at all.

    I think that Customer preview, was including all those tile, for a Demo purpose.

    My 2 cents!

  • Tim

    Looks better, but you need more unity in the design… why would you choose a clean logo for the browser but for the others you’re using something completly different. Simple Icons are the best in my opinion. Also, lose the desktop app, why would you need a desktop anyway, I see metro as a new desktop. Background with the bubbles looks uninspired and kind of lame

  • http://twitter.com/btrabucco Bob Trabucco

    Don’t like at all. The major apps most people use should be right there.  Gotta remember the masses that this needs to go out to.  Give a typical user that doesn’t frequent these kinda blogs a empty screen and their head will explode.

  • John Dillinger

    I have win 8 & I installed it on a test computer and it is horrendous. Just stick with windows 7 for now.

    • Anonymous

      Your bad

  • Dineshbharathy

    Nope… its as simple as that in my opinion. I think there’s more to Microsoft’s vision with Tile based startup screen. at least I think so 🙂

  • Poetdarlington

    nope – i like it as is