Microsoft kicked off the 2014 edition of the Worldwide Partner Conference a little while back, and COO Kevin Turner talked about the future path for the company, as well as the Windows platform.

In fact, defining the scope of the next generation of Windows was the highlight of the keynote, and although Turner did not provide any hints on when the next flavor of the operating system will go live, he touched upon a few of its new features.

The best bit is that the next generation Windows is currently being designed based on worldwide consumer feedback — which is never a bad thing, when you think about it.

And perhaps the most important point raised here is API support for TV and other such displays.

Which basically means developers will be able to write an application once, and it could be displayed on all types of screens, everywhere. Streamlining is the name of the game here.

The company surely seems to be graduating from the somewhat limited concept of three screens (PCs, tablets and smartphones), and along with cloud, this new focus is sure to be the defining factor of the Windows platform, going forward.

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  1. Based on the description, it sounds like a pretty broad overview. That leads me to believe Windows 9 isn’t all that close. I think we’re looking at late next year based off of this information.

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