Microsoft stirred up the leak scene recently when they managed to arrest Windows leaker Alex Kibkalo, with help from the FBI, of course. The former employee was sent to three months in prison.

His arrest and subsequent sentence made headlines all over the world.

And unsurprisingly, this led to groups that were leaking Microsoft software and details about upcoming products suspending their activity. This included WZOR, the famous Russian team that had leaked several Microsoft operating systems and software before launch.

The group suspended Twitter activities, took down their website, and basically disappeared from the scene, in the wake of the Kibkalo episode.

But with the dust now settled, WZOR is coming back.

A statement was posted on a Russian forum, translated here, that reveals the group was forced to remain quiet for a time due to the Kibkalo arrest, even though they had absolutely no relationship or association with the former Microsoft employee.

WZOR and Kibkalo barely knew each other before the arrest, and are very unlikely to meet in the future.

However, the group representatives have made it clear that all accounts and websites will become active again in the coming weeks, with details, screenshots and even early leaks following — in due time.

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  • Sally Black

    Let’s wait and see how long it’ll take until their leaking information again. You’d have to be extremely naive to think that’s not going to be their end game here.

    • Steve Fulton

      You’re right. WZOR isn’t fooling anyone. Microsoft and whoever they hire will be all over these guys. They better be especially careful.

  • Bruce Regael

    I don’t see WZOR doing anything that harmful to Microsoft. In fact, you can even accredit the individuals to keeping the Microsoft buzz still around. Their leaks usually stir interest whether good or bad. Windows Vista was a prime example of what happens when you keep things secretive throughout the development phase.