XAML, Silverlight and .NET – with Windows 8 clarity comes questions

Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of the Windows experience said “This application [Windows 8] was written in our new development platform, based on HTML5 and JavaScript. … People can write new applications … using the things they are already doing on the Internet.” …

This in conjunction with a bunch of other statements from Microsoft have left a bunch of analysts wondering about exactly what Microsoft will support going forward.

More specifically, there are a bunch of questions regarding the future support for the existing platforms that are in use today (XAML, .NET and Silverlight).

The noise and buzz being generated about the lack of clarity in this regard is puzzling to me.

I actually don’t see a big deal. Microsoft gave a very early preview of Windows 8 and will provide more details shortly. The Redmond giant is many things but they are not stupid.

A major disruption in acceptable formats would be a disaster and (especially in light of all this noise) they definitely know that now…