Xbox Music is finally here and represents the evolution of Microsoft’s Zune media service. For those that already have Windows 8, you will be pleased to know that an update for Music is now available and will include the unlimited free streaming previously mentioned by Microsoft.

What do you have to do in order to update your music experience for those with Windows 8 already? Log in to your Microsoft account – if you aren’t already logged in – and head to the store. You should fine the new version underneath the “update” section. Get it, start it. That’s it.

For those that haven’t heard, the unlimited streaming is ad-supported. In the fine print it also is only unlimited for six months, afterward it will still work but it will not only have ads it will also have time limits and other restrictions.

Xbox Music is certainly looking to be a pretty strong Spotify (and even iTunes) competitor. There will be a massive amount of songs available from all major artists and paid subscriptions allow you to download songs for offline listening. As for the cost, $9.99 really isn’t all that bad.

Want an add-free experience but aren’t willing to shell out the money? Get a Microsoft Surface.

Free Xbox Music add-free service for the lucky first 100 in line at Microsoft Stores.

Free Xbox Music for the first 100 Surface buyers in Line

According to Microsoft, they will offer Xbox Music totally free for one year if you are one of the first 100 people in line at a Microsoft Store to pick up the new Microsoft Surface. This is a $99 value and gives you no ads and all the streaming you can handle.

Unfortunately, not all of us are near Microsoft stores. For those that are, this gives you yet another reason to rush out and get a Microsoft Surface on launch day.

Having a music service that works on Windows Phone, Windows 8 and the Xbox is certainly a pretty cool notion, that is for sure. Anyone excited for Xbox Music?

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