One of the first big applications to launch on Windows 8, the Yahoo Mail app is no longer available for download from the Windows Store. Odd, but hardly surprising.

Microsoft has done a good job convincing developers to code for its modern platform, and while several large companies have brought their solutions to Windows 8, some have opted to step away, and concentrate solely on competing platforms like iOS and Android.

You can now probably add Yahoo to this list.

The Metro port of their Mail client allowed fans of the Metro environment to send and receive emails straight from the Modern UI of their computers and devices.

However, the app has now completely disappeared from the Windows Store.

All of a sudden, at that.

Users that are still running Yahoo Mail for Windows 8 are not affected by this removal, of course, but they will no longer receive any updates and future improvements.

The default Mail app on Windows 8 can be configured to work with Yahoo accounts, though. And IM+ is a viable alternative for the Messenger, but official solutions they are not.

Popular as it was amongst the Windows 8 user base, Yahoo Mail was after all the only application that Yahoo had developed for Microsoft’s platform — and considering the fact that the company does not even have one Windows Phone app, this seems like a complete withdrawal.

Odd, but hardly surprising, as said.

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