Redmond continues to announce new deals and discounts for its Surface RT, the company’s first even tablet, as it tries to clear out existing stocks in preparation for the second generation Surface unit expected to arrive this month.

The existing Surface RT is now available at a very special price for schools and universities.

Mary Jo Foley shared the news that students, schools and universities will be able to purchase the 32GB variant of the Surface RT for only $199 — while the Touch Cover version is priced at $249.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed:

“Yes, it’s true. It’s important Microsoft does its part to help get devices into the hands of educators that help prepare today’s students with skills modern businesses demand. We will be discussing this more in greater detail on June 24, both from the ISTE showroom floor and on our Education Newsroom. Please join us then!”

In addition to the amazing discount for the tablet itself, the software titan has also introduced special prices for the accessories. The standard Touch Cover is now being offered $50 in a total of 25 countries around the world, including major ones like the US, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Russia.

While nothing is official yet on the second generation Surface slate, these recent discounts and promotions all point to the fact that something is cooking up behind the curtains. We shall know soon enough — the BUILD developer conference is next week.

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  1. Nobody wants the RT, it’s crippled and will not load applications like the Surface Pro. The RT is worse than the cheapest Android tablet … at least you can install Android apps from different stores, the RT requires you buy applications from Microsoft … sound familiar Apple lovers?

  2. This is a better device than any Android tablet. With access to a version of Office, the Surface is far practical to any student than an iToy (what student wouldn’t be using Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint sometime in their future business life?)
    No, it is not the Pro version, but it competes directly with the other limited tablets that people only use for fun. Now, finally with a Surface, you can get some work done in addition to some fun.

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