There has been multiple debates about whether Microsoft is too late to the tablet market, after all, Apple and, to a lesser extent, Android have already cemented their places in this marketplace, right?

While this is certainly true, there are people who just don’t like Apple. If you are against Apple you only have one choice that’s really worth it at this point – Android.

Windows 8 could change all that, giving you another solid choice against Android and iOS.
While Android isn’t bad, it has had a ton of malware issues and drama of late. This might turn off consumers, and honestly it is great news for Microsoft that this is happening.

The weak position of Android tablets may give them the window they need. Do I think that Windows 8 can overtake Android and iOS? Probably not, but even if Android and Windows 8 could tie, with Apple marginally being above both – this would give consumers better, stronger options. Don’t you think?

Security is going to be an important part of the key for Windows 8 tablets. Windows 8 is already looking to be the most secure version of all time, but reinforcing this during Google’s constant malware complaints is probably a good move for MS.

In fact there is already another big Android malware issue that has just starting surfacing. UpdtBot has surfaced that sends a text message telling you to update your OS.

Once you “update” it can take control of your device and allow dialing of calls, sending of texts, and installing other programs onto the Android unit.

To be honest, this is a phone-only problem since it requires SMS messaging, and it can EASILY be avoided with some common sense when it comes to downloading and following links.

These kinds of scams have been around for platforms like Windows for over a decade. Does that matter though? The drama and rumors of the malware will further damage Android’s reputation and give users even more reasons to consider Windows 8.

What could only be better for Redmond is if this would have happened closer to the release of Windows 8. Again, is this really a big deal that it happened to Android? Not necessarily, but it could play to Microsoft’s favor.

Android tablets still haven’t made much of a mark, other then Amazon, so there is still plenty of room for Windows 8 to move in, I’d wager. What do you think?

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  • Robert Kegel

    Since Android is Linux wouldn’t the same malware effect all Linux distros?

    I’ve had a Windows Phone for about a year and still love it. 

    • Andrew_Grush

      Android is based on Linux, but it isn’t exactly the same thing. Considering the lack of a dialer and Android-based apps, I would wager this malware would do nothing on Linux distros.

      Still, no, Linux isn’t 100% virus/malware proof like some would have you think.

      • Robert Kegel

         Thanks for the answer.  Makes sense.

        No OS is virus/malware free.

  • NazmusLabs

    Good post!

  • zulbia_bamie


  • Damianmcnasty

    My biggest criticism of Android is that it is a knock-off of Apple’s IOS. Where is the creativity> Whereas I like the creativity of Windows Phone and Webos. But maybe Android has the correct idea – copy the winning recipe. Yeah, it might be an imitation BUT IOS makes loads of money and Android may not earn the same but it is not doing too badly and people easily get used to it as they are already familiar with IOS. Whereas look at the innovators (WP7 and Webos) where you have to get used to a whole new system – how are they doing?