You Can Now Beta Test Microsoft Office Versions Before Release

Bug tests and beta tryouts are what make or break software. It so often happens that buggy or undercooked software (games in particular) get released to disastrous results.

Microsoft, obviously, heavily tests software before putting the products out for purchase.

And the company recently launched a public beta program for Office that lets anyone try out prerelease versions of the productivity suite before they reach stable form — including software likes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and more.

As this reports notes, the service is completely free of charge and available for both users and companies, but Redmond still expects participants to send feedback in order to improve the programs.

A selection from the description:

“The Office team at Microsoft is looking for participants to join us in pre-release beta programs! Your feedback in these programs will be instrumental in building the best productivity software and services available.

If you or the company you work for, or both, are interested in providing feedback to shape and enhance the latest and greatest technologies in the world, then we’d like to know more about you.”

Although this program seems to have been up for some time, it is now getting widespread exposure.

Which still is a very opportune time, considering the fact that the software titan is currently working on a few versions of the Office productivity suite, like the full refresh codenamed Gemini, and touch enabled apps for Windows and Android tablets.

You can sign up for the Microsoft Office Pre-Release Program here.